Specialist Services

Aspen Restoration offers a number of specialist emergency services for both domestic and commercial clients. These include:

Specialist cleaning: whatever the cause of the damage, there are some areas which need specialist cleaning to restore them to their pre-incident condition, such as smoke-contaminated structural timbers in a listed building or residues to masonry. The processes we use include latex to remove smoke residues and staining, and high-pressure restorative cleaning using dry ice, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate. Our specialists are also able to provide the delicate cleaning needed for items such as stock and documentation, as well as carpets and furnishings, to restore them to pre-incident condition.

Data recovery and electronics restoration: digital records are now a fundamental part of our lives or livelihoods. If fire, flood or other disaster strikes, then we can help. In particular, we can decontaminate and restore electronic equipment and bring in experts to recover vital data.

Historic and listed properties: damage to historic buildings needs specialist care. We have the experience and expertise to manage the emergency restoration of these properties with the ethical and sympathetic approach that’s needed. In particular, we pay particular attention to the need to preserve everything that can be saved, safeguarding the heritage of the property.

Mould removal: mould poses a serious threat to health as well as to a property. Whether the mould is widespread or just in isolated pockets, we can help. Our experts have the knowledge and equipment to uncover and eliminate mould in domestic and commercial buildings.

Odour elimination & decontamination: odours can emanate from anywhere, and can remain uncovered for years. There may be a serious underlying cause which could be posing a danger to health. Aspen Restoration are experts in uncovering and eliminating odours and contamination from domestic and commercial properties. Using the latest non-invasive techniques, we can treat a property with minimum disruption.

Oil contamination: an oil spill poses a dangerous threat to the environment and needs to be handled professionally and effectively. Using its team of specialists, Aspen Restoration will accurately assess the extent of the damage, prevent further spread, decontaminate and clean or remove damaged soil or surfaces.

If you are handling claims for properties which need specialist handling, then call Aspen Restoration now on 01264 355 471.

Visit the site to assess the damage within 24 hours
Submit a restoration schedule within 2 working days
Commence restoration works within 3 working days
Alisha Bains

When our home set on fire - Aspen was the provider our insurance team utilised. Your team were kind, friendly, accommodating, gave us a lot of knowledgeable information... and took the time to make us feel comfortable whilst they worked in our home.

Sheila Baker

Not only were all the workmen who attended very polite and friendly, but also made us feel very reassured about the situation, after finding we had a leak in the loft whilst we were away, which had come through the bathroom ceiling and down into the kitchen causing quite a lot of damage! Thank you to Aspen.

John Williams

Conferred with Darren all through the drying out of our flat. He informed me what was required, and the time scale. Kept me informed of any unknown issues that might crop up, extremely pleased with the work carried out. Would recommend the company, and its employees.