Environmental Policy

Aspen Restoration is committed to meeting its obligations under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and related legislation. We work according to a clearly defined Environmental Policy Statement which is subject to continuous review to reflect our business activities. Currently, this commitment includes:

  • Developing practices and procedures which deal effectively with our every-day activities; reasonably foreseeing abnormal events and meeting our legal obligations.
  • Providing an organisational structure which clearly defines responsibilities for environmental protection, and ensures systems and procedures relating to our environmental policy are applied rigorously.
  • Ensuring all employees have reasonable experience and/or training as necessary, to achieve our desired level of environmental commitment.
  • Maintaining a high level of technical awareness on environmental issues and communicating environmental effect, hazard and risk information as appropriate.
  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment without health risks, including adequate arrangements for employees’ welfare while at work.
  • Expecting subcontractors and suppliers to match our levels of environmental commitment.
  • Bringing our Environmental Policy Statement to the attention of all employees and seeking their cooperation in supporting our efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy environment.
  • Requiring and enabling all employees to consider the environmental effects of their work and to comply with all legal and company requirements in this area.

We undertake a formal review of our Environmental Policy Statement and any associated procedures every two years.

Visit the site to assess the damage within 24 hours
Submit a restoration schedule within 2 working days
Commence restoration works within 3 working days
Alisha Bains

When our home set on fire - Aspen was the provider our insurance team utilised. Your team were kind, friendly, accommodating, gave us a lot of knowledgeable information... and took the time to make us feel comfortable whilst they worked in our home.

Sheila Baker

Not only were all the workmen who attended very polite and friendly, but also made us feel very reassured about the situation, after finding we had a leak in the loft whilst we were away, which had come through the bathroom ceiling and down into the kitchen causing quite a lot of damage! Thank you to Aspen.

John Williams

Conferred with Darren all through the drying out of our flat. He informed me what was required, and the time scale. Kept me informed of any unknown issues that might crop up, extremely pleased with the work carried out. Would recommend the company, and its employees.