Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

What is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning 

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is the latest in cleaning technology. Utilising small pellets of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), together with compressed air through a hand-held device, to clean the area without damaging the surface.

Dry Ice Cleaning is environmentally friendly. Without the use of chemicals, the process can clean a number of different materials; dirt, fat and starch, paint, rubber, plastic, timber, electrical items, metal and steel, glue, dust, graffiti and chewing gum.

For fire restoration, dry ice will quickly remove smoke contamination and odours.

How it works

Solid dry ice pellets sublime into CO2 gas. This process happens when a dry ice particle hits a solid surface at high speed and energy is released. The impact converts the dry ice into fast moving CO2 gas, without a liquid phase and leaving no residue. At atmospheric pressure, it sublimes at minus 78.7°C providing a cooling effect of 628 kJ/kg.

Dry ice acts as a non-abrasive cleaning process as the gas generation within the dirt layer allows the gas to escape taking the dirt with it, usually as a fine dust. Consequently, there is no damage to the surface being cleaned or residue to clear away. CO2 is also inert so there is no chemical action.


  • Faster and more effective than traditional cleaning and blasting methods, for example; sand and water
  • No damage to the original surface
  • No by-product mess left behind, only the original material that has been removed
  • Environmentally friendly

Who we work with 

We work with a number of different companies across various industries; local authorities, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical, printing and paper, timber and electrical, automotive and production machinery.

Our team are certified Dry Ice Blast Cleaners. 

Aspen Restoration’s nationwide team of experts can be on site using the latest techniques and equipment.

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